Making Caring Common (MCC) aims to strengthen the abilities of parents, schools, and community members to develop caring, ethical children. We’re working to make these values live and breathe in the day-to-day interactions of every school and home. 

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Parenting Tips

Most parents want their kids to be caring and fair. But too often, our daily messages are focused on achievement and happiness. To help you shift the focus back to caring for others, we've developed some straightforward strategies and tips to help you. From offering daily reminders about the importance of caring to serving as a role model, you'll find ways to help your children develop their circle of concern.

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New Research Report: The Children We Mean to Raise

According to our recent report, a large majority of youth appear to value aspects of personal success—achievement and happiness—over concern for others. At the root of this problem may be a rhetoric/reality gap between what parents say are their top priorities and the real messages they convey in their behavior day to day. 

The good news is that we found substantial evidence that caring and fairness still count among kids—and, according to other sources, among adults. 

The solution is straightforward, if we're all willing to work together.